I am a wife mother of three and grand mother of 5. My love for the Rottweilers started about 28years ago when i got my first rottie. I always rescued rotties, but always wanted a “show quality” rottie one day….. that day happened when i purchased Hesta, she quickly became the light of my life, so I went back later and bought her younger sister Horizon. By this time my thoughts of possibly breeding started, all the while feeling guilty because ive always rescued….. but i convinced myself that if i bred responsibly and did all of the health clearances and was there for the life of each pup it would be ok. So thats what im doing!! I do as much for my dogs and their puppy’s as i can to assure a healthy well socialized and well loved puppy. My goal is to produce the best pups possible and place them in their forever home!

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