We are a small family owned and operated enthusiast kennel that is located in Ohio. We are a Code of Ethics Breeder dedicated to the Rottweiler breed. We are committed to consistently striving to produce the very best. We breed for Type, Temperament, and Health so we Produce puppies that fit into show, work, and family companion homes.
We guarantee that our dogs are the best of their kind.

Our Commitment
On average we only have two or so litters a year and it is a family experience and when puppies arrive the kids love to be a part of the process by helping with the puppies.
Our Mission
We selected our parents after carefully studying their pedigrees and researching their genetic traits to ensure the litters produced result in top quality puppies suitable for show, work, and pet homes.
Our Dedication
Health is a very strong emphasis for us and as such we screen for any possible defects including hips, elbows, long coat gene, JLPP, congenital heart defects, and cataracts!

Perfect Genetics

We use selective breeding to produce the ultimate genetics. Generations of our dogs are tracked for any gene expression deviations.

Extraordinary Results

We have received tons of awards and trophies and have even been critiqued by international judges. It's the result of investment and many years of hard work. We are so proud!

About Rottweiler's

The Rottweiler is a breed of domestic dog, regarded as medium-to-large or large. The dogs were known in German as Rottweiler Metzgerhund, meaning Rottweil butchers' dogs, because their main use was to herd livestock and pull carts laden with butchered meat to market. This continued until the mid-19th century when railways replaced droving. Although still used to herd stock in many parts of the world, Rottweilers are now also used as search and rescue dogs, as guide dogs for the blind, as guard dogs and police dogs.